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Las Vegas

Demi Rose in Las Vegas

The 25-year-old model shared footage. Watch the latest photos from Demi Rose in Vegas.

Demi Rose NV Topless
Demi Rose NV

Las Vegas is often called a “sin city” for a reason. One of the things Las Vegas is famous for is the nude shows. Vegas is exactly the place where sexy girls show more than their great personalities.

Demi Rose, 24, was stripped off for a topless photoshoot this week during a Las Vegas road trip.
The brunette beauty, who has an impressive 15 million followers on Instagram, posed for pictures at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada wearing nothing but a denim thong, cowboy hat, and boots.

Maybe she’s getting ready for new burlesque shows in Las Vegas or Los Ageles?

Demi Rose Las Vegas
Demi Rose NV Sexxy-Photo
Demi Rose burlesque

Demi Rose


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